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Name:Cap the Point
Location:Coal Town, New Mexico, United States of America
Website:Commonroom Chat
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Team Fortress 2 Roleplay

We are a Team Fortress 2 roleplaying community that respectfully borrows Valve's copyrighted characters to have fun and enjoy writing in good company. The events described here only extend to our story, although canon events may also be referenced as occasion strikes.

As for our story so far, feel free to have a look at our handy, dandy timeline.

The RP is set in 1971. The technology of the time is severely limited. The bulletin network they use to communicate functions through a primitive local area connection, but that is about as sophisticated as it gets. Means of access to the outside for our men are few; the base they inhabit is relatively isolated and most means of communication are monitored and censored by the companies. However, resourceful employees have found ways to escape briefly to civilization.

Though our boys usually fight each other on whichever base needs their attention, they are currently stationed at Coal Town and are working together as a single team to fight off the robot horde.

Finally, we also have an OOC community, [profile] capthepoint_commonroom, and a chatroom for spontaneous RP and OOC hanging out. Only members may actually speak in the chatroom, but guests may lurk by leaving the login fields blank and logging in.

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Don't Be A Dick: OOC, anyway. If you wind up having a problem with somebody, try to keep your cool and maintain good working relations. Inform the moderators if you need to, but be prepared to sit down and discuss it like big kids. We're a pretty cool comm; let's keep it that way.

Posting Format: Accents vary according to character, so we don’t expect perfection. Just try not to break the English language too badly. Use the log header, format for easy reading, and put the goods under a cut when posting your logs.

Participate: Activity checks will be held periodically to ensure that squatters are cleared out.

Hiatuses: Let us know if you're gonna be gone for a while. It will also help a lot if you can think up some excuse for your character being gone as well, such as a visit home.

AIM: Have it. AIM is the IM service of the community and is necessary for keeping contact with other players.

Playmodes: We have no rules with regards to whether you should play in scripts, prose, one-on-one, as a group in the chat, or in threads on the comm itself. Pick one way per log, obviously, but otherwise we are open to experimentation.

Where Does It Go?: Logs go in [community profile] capthepoint. Journal entries, drabbles, mass bulletins, and anything else your character is otherwise writing in first person goes on one's character journal. OOC or non-canon goes in [profile] capthepoint_commonroom.

Mind the Era: While we live in modern and enlightened times, our characters do not. Homophobia, racism, misogyny, and bigotry in general is a part of the time period and can be a part of our characters. It is acceptable in character and it isn't outside of it. Don't confuse them.

Fluidity: for the sake of convenience, we don't have set rules on how the mechanics of the videogame work in our game. Repawn is always on (due to robot attacks being frequent and unpredictable), but otherwise how things like friendly fire, Spy disguises, etc. work change from log to log and the whims of our players. Try to be true to the source material, but don't worry if it will conflict with a previous log's mechanics. If you need it to work a certain way, just go ahead and write it that way.

Canon: Logs or it didn't happen. We can't stop you (not that we mind in the least) if you want to play privately, but do not reference events that happen in private logs. Ain't fair to the rest of the community to hold on out the goods if you're gonna try and make it part of the group's story as a whole.
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There is no application to be filled. Because we're such a small community, we prefer just to chat with prospective members and see if we think they'd be a good fit. If you wish to take up an open class slot, create a journal that fits the class and send a message to [personal profile] sapoteur.

While we are primarily interested in mostly canon takes on the classes with your own added characterization, we are open to more original interpretations. However, we do scrutinize these concepts much more closely and will judge them based on how well we think they'll fit within the rest of the cast and whether we feel any extreme deviance from the source material will contribute anything of value to our story. Those wishing to propose an original character would do well to familiarize themselves with our story presently and be prepared to explain how their concept character will make for interesting and varied interactions with the current cast.

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